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Unretirement ……….

Steady job till you hit the magic age, superannuation savings looking good, and retire to a life of fully funded bliss and relaxation without a care in the world…….

The road ahead into unretirement

Well, that USED to be the dream.
And for many it still is.

But for an increasing number of people in the modern world just ceasing to work isn’t an option. Perhaps full retirement is not financially viable. Or for an increasingly number not intellectually viable.

You have achieved much at work, your family is more or less grown up and its time for that next phase. You want to slow down a little but for whatever reason, there is an itch you want to scratch, something you have always fancied having a go at.

A challenge.

It might be something different at work. It might be an encore career. It’s more than a hobby, as it would be nice if it produced some income and stretch those retirement savings, but money isn’t the whole point of doing it.

Hi, welcome to

My name is Allan Palmer, I’ve just entered the second half of my 50s and its time to slow down and smell the roses a little. I was thinking a year or so ago of how I might describe this process and Mr Google suggested ‘Unretirement’. This was rapidly followed by my discovering the excellent thought-provoking book by Chris Farrell and his series of Unretirement podcasts. And so a journey begins……

This blog, Facebook page, and maybe a linked podcast or YouTube channel in the future, is my journey into this world of Unretirement, wherever it might lead. Come along with me… could be a wild ride!